Future Factories

The Future Vertical Lift Solution

Preparing for the Future

The Manufacturing Technology Center is an exciting, innovative proving ground where we'll test and optimize manufacturing and sustainment technologies and processes. This digitally connected facility enables collaboration across all of our core capabilities and offers a glimpse into the future of our factories.

It's the choice between legacy production and breakthrough technology. Digitally connected facilities and systems enable cohesive manufacturing of both future vertical lift products.

Our digital capabilities

Digital Connectivity
Digital connectivity and integration form the backbone of the MTC. It uses a digital twin of itself, communicating operational details about all the equipment, processes in operation and even the building itself.
Proactive Response
Immediate access to information allows us to monitor supply levels, daily work order details and machine health, allowing us to maintain a common operating picture across the facility.
Predictive Analytics
Leveraging intelligence from our Command Center, we simulate every single part from our supply chain and determine our risk exposure to on time delivery.
Future Vertical Lift
Modular Open System Architecture